Albert Bredenoord MD Ph.D.

Principal Clinical Collaborator

Albert’s main appointment is at the Department of Gastroenterology, AMC in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He leads both preclinical and clinical research into EoE .

Albert was trained as a gastroenterologist in Antonius Ziekenhuis Nieuwegein, Barts and London Hospital in London and the Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam. He has been active for over 10 years in the field of benign esophageal diseases such as achalasia, reflux disease and EoE. His clinic now hosts the largest population of patients with benign esophageal diseases in the Netherlands. In his scientific research he tries to make a bridge between clinical knowledge and science. Both pathophysiological, diagnostic and therapeutic studies are being performed. Albert is author of over 100 articles, books, chapters and guidelines in his field and organisor of several scientific and clinical conferences in Europe, Asia and the USA.