Our programs

Thelial – discover and develop treatments for epithelial disease.

Thelial is a  drug discovery and development company taking two unique approaches towards improved treatments. We find new roles for known drugs by using our proprietary Drosophila based high-content hit discovery protocol. We also have an active interest in anti-ageing cosmetics.

Drosophila based drug discovery (theLiTE™)

Thelial has developed theLiTE™, our proprietary Drosophila based screening technology to identify hit compounds against epithelial disease. An epithellial disease central to our attention is carcinoma, which accounts for more than 50% of cancers. Loss of epithelial organization (polarity) is an early step in carcinoma development. Modulating these components is a promising therapeutic approach for carcinoma treatment as well as in other epithelial diseases. Screening technology theLiTE™ is based on exposing Drosophila epithelia to test candidate compounds. The advantage of theLiTE™ over tissue culture-based platforms is that our system uses an entire normal developing tissue, mimicking the clinical situation more closely than cells in culture. The epithelial tissue used is extremely robust, reducing false positives and raising chances of identifying bona fide active compounds. Drosophila are easy to manipulate, and genetically amenable, which allows easy tailoring of our platform to different targets. In our drug repositioning program ten positive hit compounds have been found so far, with more than 2000 tested. Thelial also collaborates in a study funded by the Portuguese Science and Technology foundation (PTDC/QUI-QUI/120982/2010). Using our discovery technology we screen for medical potential in novel fungal metabolites.

Anti-ageing personal care ingredients

The principle of polarity modulation offers new approaches in anti-ageing personal care – we  are now developing the best to-market approach with potential partners. For more information contact Richard Hampson.