Epinutra is a Dutch company founded to develop a novel food product based on an exciting discovery of our affiliate company Thelial Technologies S.A. We will develop a specific food ingredient that supports esophagus health in people that suffer from heartburn.

“Food can go one step further and provide targeted support for health”.

About Heartburn

Check out our video showing some basic facts about heartburn.

About benesco

Here we show how benesco works.

About Us

We are experienced in pharma/food, clinical, scaling and deal making/partnership building.

Richard Hampson, Ph.D
·       Co-founder and CEO of Epinutra.
·       Ph.D. and post-doctoral training in UK and USA.
·       Over 10 years of experience in translational research and commercialization.
·       Research group leader in biotechnology industry.
·       16 peer-reviewed publications.
·       Co-inventor on two granted patents and published applications.
Luciana Vieira de Moraes, Ph.D
·       Co-founder and CSO of Epinutra.
·       M.Sc., Ph.D. and post-doctoral training in Immunology.
·       Over 20 years of experience in research and integrated research management.
·       Extensive experience with preclinical disease models.
·       Over 23 peer-reviewed publications.
Albert Bredenoord, MD, Ph.D
·       Gastroenterologist & Research Professor at AMC.
·       Has been active for 10 years in the field of benign esophageal diseases.
·       His clinic hosts the largest population of patients with GERD in The Netherlands.
·       Over 100 publications including peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and guidelines.
·       Co-founder of Epinutra.
·       President of a European Esophagus Research Association (EUREOS).
Will van den Tweel, Ph.D
·       Ph.D inIndustrial Microbiology.
·       30 years experience in leading international innovation projects, business management at DSM.
·       Ex-CEO Reverdia BV.
·       C-level management of projects with over 50 persons and multiple 10’s of millions of €.

Development Process

Building on current insights we are now completing the commercial formulation for launch in Q2 2020 plus expanding our clinical data-set.


Epinutra graduated from StartLife Accelerator Program (Wageningen University), in June 2019 and secured pre-seed funding . We will complete first product roll-out funded via founders and non-dilutive sources in Q2 2020. For follow-on rounds we seek aligned equity investors with a vision for development of targeted nutraceuticals. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Richard Hampson directly: .